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My brother was listed on dontdatehimgirl.com. His full name was listed as well as his nick name. We found out when one of my friends called me about it. There are several derogatory and defaming remarks about me. Anyone who sees the post will know that it is me being talked about. My brother's fiance made the post, yes he is marrying her. The New York Times reports on web sites like DontDateHimGirl.com, ManHaters.com and TrueDater.com where women dish on date experiences with specific guys to warn other women in advance: Learn how to date safer and smarter - DontDateHimGirl.com Welcome Statement: Welcome to DontDateAPlayer.com! DontDateAPlayer.com is a rapidly growing site for adults who want to check out a person to see if they have been identified as a Player, or post truth worthy information about a person who played them. DontDateHimGirl.com is a website where women can anonymously post the name, photograph and a brief profile of men they have dated. Manigator, currently wanted in four states, has a record 86 comments on his profile. Some of these are as follows: abuse anger management argue with love breaking up breakup caring conflicts cheating cheating man cheating men date dating dating site ddhg divorce don't date him girl do not date him girl dontdatehimgirl dontdatehimgirl.com fight fair finding a great guy gifts good guys husband infidelity insecurity is your guy cheating kerry gray learn to ... DontDateHimGirl.com. An ever-tightening circle of friends from the Gore campaign followed Reines around town. The “Men of Zeal,” as this Gore crew was known, included Raj Shah, now the ... Disaster Date Stories. Stories of Deceit, Betrayal, Lies and Liars, Cons, Scams, Net Adultery and Net Stalkings. All it takes is a little practice and a loving heart! Tasha Cunningham, [email protected] Tags: building trust, building trust with your guy, dontdatehimgirl, dontdatehimgirl.com, tasha cunningham. Tasha Cunningham – Why Do Some Women Tolerate Jerks? Posted by: Tasha on: March 20, 2009. Learn to date safer and smarter! Get tips on how to avoid a cheating man and learn what you can do get your dating life back on track after a breakup!

DontDateHimGirl.com: Great Big Brothers, Big Sisters Public Service Announcement Don't Date Him Girl! DontDateHimGirl - YouTube SpyRightNow.Com How to Remove my name from articles, blogs, negative post, cheaterville, thedirty. Don't Date Him Don't Date Him Girl Fox News Chicago: Online Defamation, Surfing Safety ...

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Want to remove your name from an article, blog or site that is showing your name in the google results in a negative manner? We can help you. We are search engine experts and help suppress and ... Are you a woman who's allegedly been cheated on, lied to or manipulated by a guy? Do you want to share your story with your sisters around the world? Log on to www.DontDateHimGirl.com and join ... Tasha Cunningham, the founder of DontDateHimGirl.com, a website that enables women to warn other women about cheaters! Fox News Chicago: Online Defamation, Surfing Safety - Daliah Saper, Principal Saper Law Robin Robinson: First on Fox Chicago News tonight, surfing safety on ... DontDateHimGirl Recommended for you. 0:59. tongans goonin' highsiden in east palo alto - Duration: 4:28. favorboy Recommended for you. 4:28. The popular social networking site, DontDateHimGirl.com now features video postings! Check it out! DontDateHimGirl.com is a popular social networking site that allows women to share their dating stories with each other and get valuable advice on love, relationships, sex, self-esteem and finding ... This is a great video that shows the importance of the programs run by the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization. Please support them! Are they hard to find? Not when you know what NOT to look for.